About my Commission (Closed)


【Commissions are currently CLOSED!】

Thank you for visiting this page, I got some questions about my commission so I decided to make the price list.  One commission takes about a week to make.

If you’re interested, please mail me at (ご依頼は下記アドレスへ)



☆Type A (Characters with simple or no BG /)☆

  • e.g. YoHioloid (full body/one character/simple BG) =$110
  • e.g. Cul and Maika (waist up/2characters/simple BG)=$100
  • e.g. Poison and Juri (full body/2characters/simple BG)=$220


☆Type B (Characters with BG /) ☆

The price is depend on your request. I’ll draw these for $250-$500



If you want me to draw your OC, please give me some character info. (Skin color, Hair color, age, body type, outfit, etc. )   Also, I can draw NSFW art and Gore, Yuri, Yaoi, etc.. But please do not expect me to draw really hard one.

So, are you interested in my commission now?

Just tell me what you want (Pose, characters, situations ,etc..), I’ll let you know the price.
And  when you agree with the price, I start to draw :-)

★About payment★
I accept with Paypal , bitcoin payment.
ayment must be sent before I start to draw.

★About the art you finished to pay★
You can post it on DA, tumblr, Pixiv, FB, twitter… I mean You can post it anywhere you like.
Also, you can edit it anyway you like!


☆ If you want 3characters, 4characters…and more… (It would be $300~) ☆



コミッション(Commissionとは – 海外で頻繁に行われている有料でのイラスト作成の事。有料イラリク、と私は呼んでいます。描いてほしいキャラ、ポーズ、表情、体型、シチュエーション等、指定してくれれば、その通りに描きます。)オリキャラOK。漫画も描けます。

支払いはPaypal、ビットコイン、アマギフで受け付けています。 完全前払い制。